Professional Briefing: Case Interviews

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Most job candidates have some experience with standard ‘behavioral’ interviews, but have no idea about the case interview format. What are they? How do you ‘ace the case’? And how do you avoid the most common mistakes? In this ProBriefing, learn expert strategies on the framework of a successful interview – both for candidates and interviewers. (Audio: 23:34 min) CDN $44.95

Professional Briefing: Cold Calling

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Calling a person you’ve never met before is something most people hate doing.  Yet it is the critical first step in the relationship-building process, and a fact of life for many salespeople and job seekers.  In this professional briefing, learn the top ten tips to “warm” the cold call and make people more receptive to your message. (Audio: 19:25 min) CDN $44.95

Professional Briefing: Social Media

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Learn how Social Media is being used by your clients, recruiters, prospects, suppliers etc – and how you can take advantage of this for your benefit. This Professional Briefing discusses a strategy both to develop an online profile and manage the risks, then provides specific tips for doing so.  This would be of interest to any person looking to leverage their online reputation, from Experts, Entrepreneurs, to Job Seekers. Companion to Online PR and Social Media. (Audio 26:12 min) CDN … Continue reading “Professional Briefing: Social Media”

Professional Briefing: Tough Time Strategies

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Should you be focusing on that next promotion, just hanging on to your job, or looking for another?  How should you make this type of a pivotal career decision?  And what specifically can you do to improve your value to your existing employer? This Professional Briefing answers these questions and discusses strategies that will help you thrive – especially in an economic downturn. (Audio: 8:59 min) CDN $44.95

The Working Resume

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You have spent an entire career developing your expertise, but how much have you invested in perfecting your resume? Many people will never get an interview call, not for lack of experience, but because they are unskilled at communicating their value. The Working Resume will help you build a resume that demonstrates your value — and then teaches you how you can use it to get your next job. Many people already have a resume, but it is the same … Continue reading “The Working Resume”