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Personal Balance Sheet – A Practical Career Planning Guide


220 pages, 5.75″ X 8.25″, CDN $24.99

Personal Balance Sheet - A Practical Career Planning GuideForty years, 10,000 days, 80,000 hours.  Measure it any way you like, but this is about the length of a typical career. With so much life spent working, why not spend some time planning your career in an organized, strategic manner?

  • Are you a bit fuzzy on your career goals?
  • Is your work-life balance not under control?
  • Have you achieved some career success and are considering change – but to what?
  • Do you feel unsure about networking – and why it matters?
  • Are you uncomfortable discussing career issues with your manager?

This book is designed for those who are looking to excel in their careers and want Balance too. The book also provides practical guidance on Networking, Personal Branding and Interview styles, along with all 10 Career Planning and Life Balance Frameworks.

Online PR and Social Media for Experts, Authors, Consultants, and Speakers
Develop your reputation, get found, and attract a following

130 pages, 8.5″ X 11″, CDN $42.99 ebook (v1.2 revised)

Online PR and Social Media for ExpertsYou probably have a web site, blog, and maybe even a LinkedIn profile.  But is all of this giving you exposure?  Are you being called by media?  And how are you doing in your search engine rankings? Social Media is either a complete waste of time… .or the most important plank of a PR strategy.

This ebook is designed specifically for experts seeking to showcase their real-world reputation online. It describes a specific strategy, then provides step-by-step instructions to implement it. More at


Leaving the Mother Ship186 pages, 5.75″ X 8.25″, CDN $29.99


This book is focused more for those who are serious about leaving their job, but are not sure how they should do it, and where they should go. Contains all 10 Career Planning and Life Balance Frameworks, along with instructions (and a few funny stories.)


Leaving the Mother Ship Workbook

Leaving the Mother Ship Workbook58 pages

CDN $59.99

A working diary, it contains every framework from Leaving the Mother Ship, plus three more!

The Working Resume

The Working ResumeThe Working Resume will help you build a resume that demonstrates your value — and then teaches you how you can use it to get your next job. Bonus extra lesson on strategy currently included. Available in a 38-page downloadable book format, or in an e-course that is mailed to you weekly for six weeks. [Details…]

38 pages
8.5″x11″ eBook or 6-lesson eCourse

Special: CDN $118.99
(Regular price CDN $179.99)


Leaving the Mother ShipLeaving the Mother Ship Workbook

For a limited time, purchase the set for CDN $79.99, a savings of $10!



Personal Balance Sheet Action Planner

Personal Balance Sheet Action-Planner(ebook, CDN $11.99)

The Personal Balance Sheet Action Planner helps you define the specific changes that you should make to achieve your Work-Life Balance objectives. It is currently being used by hundreds of individuals on a daily basis. To allow you to more easily monitor your progress, this version of the Action Planner has been compressed into a one page format.

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