Professional Briefing: Cold Calling

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Calling a person you’ve never met before is something most people hate doing.  Yet it is the critical first step in the relationship-building process, and a fact of life for many salespeople and job seekers.  In this professional briefing, learn the top ten tips to “warm” the cold call and make people more receptive to your message. (Audio: 19:25 min) CDN $44.95

Professional Briefing: Sales

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Do you think the secret to closing the sale is to overcome the objection of the prospect or understand what problem are the prospects trying to solve? Does the perfect solution you offer matches the image of the solution in your prospect’s mind? In this audio podcast, get answers to these questions and learn several paradigms of the sales process from Randall Craig. Randall also critics on the classic sales process of the 70s which is still mistakenly followed by … Continue reading “Professional Briefing: Sales”