Professional Briefing: Public Relations

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Public Relations (PR) is widely used by large organizations to announce important changes, demonstrate expertise, contain crises, and share news with the world.  Entrepreneurs and professionals can do the same, but it requires an understanding of the rudiments – and a process.  In this podcast, get practical tips on building and executing a PR strategy both for yourself and your organization.  Note:  if you are thinking about hiring a PR professional, or working with one already, this podcast contains many … Continue reading “Professional Briefing: Public Relations”

Professional Briefing: Consulting Skills

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Are you considering becoming a consultant, looking to run a consulting firm or are considering hiring one?  Are you a manager who has a problem and would like to solve it using a “consulting” approach?  This podcast takes you through the entire journey of a successful consulting process, along with an introduction to analytical frameworks.  Bonus content:  learn the seven different dimensions of running a successful consulting business. (Audio 27:36 min) CDN $44.95

Professional Briefing: Social Media

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Learn how Social Media is being used by your clients, recruiters, prospects, suppliers etc – and how you can take advantage of this for your benefit. This Professional Briefing discusses a strategy both to develop an online profile and manage the risks, then provides specific tips for doing so.  This would be of interest to any person looking to leverage their online reputation, from Experts, Entrepreneurs, to Job Seekers. Companion to Online PR and Social Media. (Audio 26:12 min) CDN … Continue reading “Professional Briefing: Social Media”