Professional Briefing: The New CRM

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With the Issues and Trends topic on the Devaluation of Education, the discussion takes a peek at generational changes of foundation education and where we will be 30 years from now. Does your company have the best thing that 10 years ago had to offer?  Discussing competitive necessity, Randall Craig offers three reasons why traditional methods are not enough. In this ProBriefing, learn how CRM works and what it can do for you. Examining the features of relationship tracking, opportunity tracking, … Continue reading “Professional Briefing: The New CRM”

Professional Briefing: Ethics

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Reviewing the time line of technology, this Issues & Trends segment is on the newest trend of Cloud computing. What guides your moral compass? Examining how decisions are made, this ProBriefing investigates both personal and organizational ethics. Management challenges are identified with tips on establishing lines and boundaries, as well as implementing an ethics policy. Learn how social contracts make an impact. Learn about the overlap in professional and personal ethics. Learn how a lapse can impact the reputation of both. … Continue reading “Professional Briefing: Ethics”

Professional Briefing: A different take on Financial Analysis

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Are you afraid of working with numbers? Afraid of making a mistake? Can’t make head or tail out of the pages and pages of financial numbers? In this ProBriefing, learn what the numbers mean. Learn where to start and where to look in a financial analysis. Make informed decisions and learn what you could be doing to make better decisions. (Audio: 32:41 min) CDN $44.95